Will Mice in Round Rock Continue to Live in Your House Without a Food Source?

Mice are common household pests. They are especially hard to eliminate because they depend on people’s houses for shelter during the coldest months of the year. They can survive in your house even without many resources. That is why you must invest in Round Rock pest control services as soon as you spot signs of a mouse issue. 

If you have found a mouse in your home, you might be wondering if these unwanted guests will stay without a source of food. Keep reading to find out and learn how to eliminate them forever. 

Will Mice Leave Your House if They Cannot Find Food?

Mice heavily depend on food, more than consuming water. Without a meal, they only have 2-4 days to survive, even if they can survive for at least a month without water. But they will consume nearly anything like paper, flowers, seeds, soap, and grass to survive. Thus, while you try to cut off their general source of food and clean food crumbs immediately to deter these rodents, this does not guarantee to curb your rodent issue permanently. 

Signs of a Mouse Infestation

Common signs of mice activity in your house include mouse droppings, scratching sounds, foul smells, smudged beams, holes, and pipes, gnaw marks, urine stains, and strange pet behavior. If you notice such signs, contact a pest control company immediately. Before your pest control team arrives, you can use traps and sprays to control the issue. Also, it is important to seal up holes, gaps, and cracks in walls that the mouse can get into. 

Why Mice Enter Your House

Poor sanitation can lead to a mouse problem. if you do not keep your house clean, store food in tightly sealed containers, and take out trash regularly, mice can easily locate sources of food and water within your house. 

Mice can set up camp for any leftover food they can access. Once they have made their way into your house, other mice will flock to your space to breed, making it harder to control their population. 

In addition, if mice can easily access your house, they may seek shelter. This is the reason you need to seal even tiny openings that may let them access your home. Also, make sure to repair damaged window and door screens. It is also important to maintain your yard properly. An overgrown lawn offers enough space for these rodents to hide and sneak inside. Particularly during the winter, mice will seek dry, warm shelter in your house. 

When to Hire Pest Control Service

If you have noticed the signs of mouse infestations, there may be more than one mouse around. Thus, you should contact a pest control service right away. If you have a minor mouse issue, you may try to eliminate it with store-bought products like traps and baits. But if you have tried different DIY methods and continue to spot signs of infestation, invest in an extermination service for your peace of mind. Also, exterminators will make sure the issue will not recur in the future. 

How to Know If Mice Are Gone

Your mouse issue may have been solved if you no longer notice signs of their presence. For example, not seeing new gnaw marks or mouse damage on furniture can mean you are completely free of mice. The same is true when you do not see droppings and smell foul scents again. 

In addition, finding just younger mice can be a good sign because older varieties will just live in comfortable conditions. Also, if a new season has come and the weather has become warmer while you no longer notice signs of mice activity, this could mean the infestation has been put to rest.

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