Certain Do’s And Don’ts of Pest Control You Need to Keep in Mind

Pest infestation seems uncontrollable throughout the world. Land pollution, dirt and garbage, dump areas and unhygienic living conditions are strong contributing factors to pest infestation. These pests can lead you to many diseases that are still incurable. Services such as pest control fort Lauderdale can help you control pest infestation at your location. 

Let’s quickly go through certain do’s and don’ts of pest control: 

  • Pets and Children

DO: Do take your kids and pets out to a different place (preferably for a day’s or overnight stay) to escape chemical reactions. Certain strong chemicals or pesticides are not good for anybody. Keep all their food and toys away or covered before pest control.

DON’T: Do not allow kids to use any pesticide. Do not experiment any pesticide on your pets. Do not leave their food open.

  • Baits or Traps

DO: Use baits of traps for rodents and other such stubborn pests. Place them in appropriate areas and restrict everybody’s access to such areas. Keep them at places where kids and pets cannot reach at all. Instead, use traps in garden areas for rodents and pests alike. 

DON’T: Do not keep poisonous baits at places that are easily approachable by children and pets. Avoid poison baits in open areas. 

  • Leftover Pesticides

DO: Ensure that you use full bottle of pesticides, if opened. Tightly close the bottle with lid after use. Put the leftovers in appropriate containers and write POISON on it. Store these in a place locked and inaccessible to kids and others around you.

DON’T: Do not use other food containers with stickers on it to store pesticides. 

  • Label Instructions

DO: Read all the instructions beforehand. There may be strict guidelines that you may need to follow for your own protection and safety. Do visit your doctor if there’s any kind of ingestion or breathlessness.  

DON’T: Do not ignore any instruction on the label of the bottle of the pesticide. Do not take anything lightly.    

  • Clutter and Garbage

DO: Do clean your trash daily and wash your trash cans almost every two days or as per the requirement. De-clutter your location every week and remove all the unnecessary things from your place. 

DON’T: Do not leave your trash open. Do not keep excessive or unwanted things at your place. Do not dump any product in your garage, attic or basement.

You can call other pest control fort Lauderdale companies to know more about the do’s and don’ts of pest control.

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